Munch Moments
Munch Moments


Now let’s be honest, who among us doesn’t relish the prospect of a good meal? Just the prospect, the very thought, that idle mull if you may, of savoury riches on the horizon. Now the only thing that equals the delicious certainty of a good meal is usually the chain of conversation, any conversation, that will wind down eventually to the topic of food and then to that final inquisitive, ‘So what’s there to eat?’ The inevitability of that simple question, right there in the end, is in fact what makes the world go around, really.

Ok, so you may be the type who doesn’t even need the pretence of a conversation, you’re there just for the food, but isn’t it uncanny that however solemn the occasion or once-in-a-lifetime the digression is, everyone ends up contemplating the buffet to come? No self-respecting creature clothed in human skin is gonna lay off the topic of food! Never! Not even that BFF you were just now overjoyed to meet after twenty years is going to keep you from bringing up the lunch fare. It is the very pinnacle of our social skills, the ability to delicately insert the question of food into an animated discussion about South American spiders.

The thing about great food is it needn’t be eight courses and dessert by the pool. Nothing soothes the soul as much as a hearty chat over a hot masala dosa and a great coffee around the corner. The kind that triggers a warm story and nicely rounds up the companionship, right? Well, all good things must come to munch, they do! That’s the way stories usually unfold, don’t they? Have a wonderful season and hey, may the munch be with you!

Peter Suresh
Peter writes and photographs food everywhere – restaurants, street stalls, homes, etc. From the by lanes of Madurai to the hills of Nameri, Peter finds the most interesting places to create his Munch Moments.

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